Head of Junior School

It's hard to believe we are at the tail end of Term 1, and we're thrilled to share the positive updates from our Junior School:

Settling Into 2024

It has been delightful to observe and get to know students both inside and outside the classroom. Our primary focus in the Junior School has been setting high expectations for all, along with implementing positive reinforcement systems. We have established routines and learning approaches rooted in the science of learning. Additionally, our continuous reporting on how your child has settled into the 2024 school year was shared via SEQTA in Week 4.

DIBELS Assessment

This signifies our initial year of assessment using DIBELS, with a specific focus on fundamental reading skills. DIBELS evaluates crucial literacy skills, ensuring a comprehensive assessment from Prep to Year 8. Continuous reporting for Junior School students in Grade 1 to Grade 4, detailing your child's progress in the areas of phonemic awareness, alphabetic principle, accuracy, fluency, and comprehension, will be available via SEQTA next week.

Junior School Curriculum Evening

Our recent Junior School Curriculum Evening saw a fantastic turnout. Thanks to all families for supporting our commitment to building strong partnerships from school to home. We emphasised the importance of students showcasing and embedding classroom learning skills at home.

NAPLAN Schedule for Year 3 Students

  • Wednesday, 13 March: Writing
  • Thursday, 14 March: Reading
  • Monday, 18 March: Conventions of language (spelling, grammar, and punctuation)
  • Tuesday, 19 March: Numeracy
  • Friday, 22nd March: NAPLAN catch-up session for those who require it.

Prep Reading Party

Our Prep students are eagerly anticipating their Reading Party on Monday, 18th March. Each student will be presented with their reading folder, and one family member is invited to join us to learn more about 'The Science of Reading.' This session aims to celebrate and inform families about their child's reading journey and emphasises the crucial partnerships between what has been taught at school and how this can be extended upon at home.

Thank you for your ongoing support, contributing to the excitement and success of our Junior School journey in Term 1!

Cath Huther

Head of Junior School

Junior School Student Leadership

Last week, our first Assembly celebrated the induction of our Junior School Leaders. A special mention was made to emphasise that all Grade 4 Newhaven College students are regarded as leaders within the school community. They serve as role models, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing them showcase qualities that bring pride to the Junior School and, more significantly, to themselves.

The Junior School Leadership for 2023 are:

Captains – Chloe Shapardon, Edward Lee

Vice Captains – Eden Hallas, Leith Cameron

House Captains – Cooper Bennett, Sage van der Walt (Bass), Ava Mannix, Sam Martindale (Clarke), Rose Deery, Jude Foster (McHaffie), Olivia Clark, Evelyn McCabe (Sambell)

Wellbeing Captains - Evie Felstead, Ava Kelly, Charli Pope and Billy Vecino

We look forward to seeing these students lead and represent their peers throughout 2024.

Cath Huther

Head of Junior School

Preps meet the Principal

Every year our newest and youngest students pop over to the Administration building to meet our Principal, Mr Tony Corr, in his office. They have a chat about what they love about school and get to know their Principal. To finish off the visit, Mr Corr's PA, Ms Katrina Lawrence, has a bit of fun providing the Preps with a sugar hit... jelly snakes!

It has been wonderful to see all our Preps settling into school so well.