Newhaven College Annual Open Day

We thank all the students, staff, parents and volunteers who helped make this year's Open Day a huge success.

The sun was shining and the College’s stunning 82 acre campus was looking its best as visitors teemed from the Gym to the Year 9 Environmental Centre, taking in everything in between.

Learning Partnerships

A jam-packed short term has seen the forging of learning partnerships in many forms across the College.

I’m listing but a few below and welcome parent/guardian feedback on how we can continue to not only deeply know your children within our College setting but continue to learn from how you see your child in all the different contexts they appear in through your family life.

Here is a snippet of where we see partnerships in action:

  • Student to student in Year 9 Community Projects
  • Families and teachers through our Parent-teacher conferences
  • Teachers as coaches in SEISA and House events
  • Self-reflection on partnerships in our new Middle School Learning Reflection booklet
  • Parents and researchers through the ACER Focus groups held on Monday
  • Teachers as colleagues working together on targeted assessments and feedback strategies to accelerate improvement for students
  • Peer to peer within Home Group settings where new members are welcomed.
  • Supportive partnerships through challenging camps and activities

Growing confidence and knowing your strengths, choosing learning behaviours which support personal and academic growth is an ongoing ‘work in progress’ which is why we provide a holistic approach to the construction of our programs with partnerships as the central piece.

Enjoy the change of pace over the next few weeks and see you refreshed and energised for Term Two.

Karen Milkins-Hendry

Director of Learning

Parents and Friends Association

Newhaven College Open Day

The PFA were excited to help with the food stalls at Newhaven College's Open Day on Saturday, 16 March 2024. With BBQs, fairy floss, popcorn and snow cones on offer, there were certainly many options!

A special thank you to those that helped on the day: Aaron Chasten, Andrew Werner, Caroline Kim Lee, Natalie Ciavarelli, Stacey Mantel, Casey Bartlett, Michelle Pardoe, Rachel Cameron, Lisette Rule, Jordan Chambers and Laura McCabe. A huge thanks also to PFA members Jenni Lewandowski, Kay Kondarios, Jo Vohland, Lisa Confoy who helped on the day.

Mothers' Day Stall

Mark it into your diaries, the PFA Mothers' Day Stall will be held during school hours on Thursday, 9 May 2024. Gifts will be available for mums, grandmas and those dear to our hearts for $5 or $10.

If you are a dad, uncle, grandfather, we need your help to run the stall on the day. To sign up, please visit: Newhaven College PFA Mother's Day Stall (

Noting that in line with school policy, all volunteers must first complete a Volunteer Pack and have a valid Working With Children Check. Please reach out to the PFA if you need help with obtaining or completing the Volunteer Pack.

Parents and Friends Association Facebook Group

The PFA have started a new Facebook group: Newhaven College Parents and Friends Association | Facebook

This group is for sharing general school updates, PFA led event information and for giving shout-outs to people and businesses in the community that have supported our events. Feel free to join our group to be kept up to date!


If you have any questions or would like to register your details to volunteer at future events, do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Angel Chambers

President | Parents and Friends Association